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Three Country Mini Cruise Package

Our three countries mini cruise is a one or two week bed and breakfast package priced at £750 per person, per week. It runs from the beginning of March to the end of October each year.

You will arrive in Gibraltar (UK) on Saturday, and spend Saturday and Sunday there before departing for Smir (Morocco) on Monday morning. Monday and Tuesday will be spent experiencing the wonderful sights of Morocco until departing for Ceuta (Spain) on Wednesday.

Enjoy the rich Spanish atmosphere of Ceuta on Wednesday and Thursday before returning to Gibraltar on Friday, then spend your last evening in Gibraltar before departing for home on Saturday morning.

Dates from: Saturday June 16th 2018 to Saturday 3rd November 2018, and from Saturday 2nd March 2019 to Saturday 2nd November 2019 Available.

Please book your own flights (or transportation) to Gibraltar as they are not included in the package. Children under the age of 14 are not accepted on-board.

Customised Packages

Here at Sloop Pegasus, we welcome clients who are looking for, and in need of, tailor made solutions.

If you have a specific project in mind or would like to bounce a few ideas off us to see what we can come up with, why don’t you get in touch.

We will do our very best to accommodate your wishes and put together the package of your dreams.

Other Packages

We also have a variety of other packages available, including a Christmas Package, New Year Package, and a Slimming Package which operates throughout January and February.

Visit our packages pages for more details.